Friday, November 19, 2004

Hockey Hockey Hockey


Well, it's been a hockey frenzy for the past few weeks and will continue that way until April.

My duties at include a weekly column, plus helping to administer the Division III men's poll which is published in dozens of newspapers and media outlets around the country. It comes out every Monday.

I'll try to keep current on column news. To catch up:

My first two columns of the season was a Division III Preview Part I, and Division III Preview Part 2 covering the top 15 teams in the nation, plus a few more.

Next up was a column on Nichols College, among other things.

Last week's column was on changes to the way penalties are called this season.

This week's column, which came out today, is on how the poll is shaping up so far.

Also, there's a weekly column I do for the online edition of New England Hockey Journal. This week's is on Castleton State, a new Division III program.

Last week was my deadline for my monthly feature for the print edition of New England Hockey Journal.

Oh, and I spent the weekend downstate, broadcasting the RIT vs. Manhattanville College game from Rye, NY. We had some downtime on Saturday and took a train into the city. Very cool.


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Shirtless Guy said...

Hey Chris, I see you write the "This Week" Column for the AHA on USCHO. Do you know whats wrong with Ben Cottreau and why he hasn't played in Mercyhurst's last 6 games?